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Posts: 2,408 Reputation: 185 PKMN IGN: (Moon) - Chase 3DS FC: 3609 Best moveset (Gastrodon - East Sea) Offense Mud-Slap: 15.4 dps Earthquake Old: 46.7 dps: Defense Mud-Slap: 15.4 dps Earth Power: 33.3 dps: View all Table of Contents. Mega Pinsir Pokémon|Advancement, Weak Point, Moveset, Statistics, And More! Set ofensivo de Gastrodon. Earth Power por Stab.

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1 Locations; 2 Move Set. Jul 30, 2019 Could someone give me some good movesets for these pokemon: Hydreigon Alolan Ninetails Eelektross Drapion Empoleon Gastrodon. Jun 20, 2019 However, searching for the perfect member for the sixth spot took up quite some time. How I arrived at Gastrodon. While I searched for a Pokémon  Dec 4, 2016 VGC 17 Sample Moveset & EV Spread Compendium. Posted by: Jiwa Sitrus Berry Bold Gastrodon.

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It makes for a nice Scald and Volt Switch absorber thanks to its ability and its secondary Ground typing 33 rows Gastrodon (East Sea) is a Water & Ground Pokémon which evolves from Shellos. It is vulnerable to Grass moves. Gastrodon's strongest moveset is Mud-Slap & Earthquake and it has a Max CP of 2,324.

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Hence with great strategy and encountering the opponent’s weakness, Gastrodon Pokemon can come up as a great one on the field. Body Slam is Gastrodon's cheapest charge move energy-wise and can be used to bait shields and apply pressure. Earth Power takes advantage of STAB to deal big damage if unresisted.

Gastrodon moveset

Earth Power takes advantage of STAB to deal big damage if unresisted. Water Pulse is underwhelming in PvP due to its low 1.17 DPE (Damage Per Energy) and expensive 60 energy cost.
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Gastrodon moveset


Ability: Storm Drain.
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The movesets and EVs have been specifically calibrated to deal the most amount of damage to the largest group of potentially common opponents and typing threats for the Sun/Moon generation Gastrodon works the best with anything that has a significant (or really even minor) weakness to Water-type attacks. On top of that, a good partner for Gastrodon should also be able to handle any grass types that would try to switch in. Gastrodon is an interesting candidate for Great League, and takes advantage of its typing to avoid vulnerabilities to everything except Grass. A high stamina stat gives Gastrodon good bulk, and a wild card Hidden Power moveset can possibly catch opponents by surprise. Hi guys, i am breeding a lot and now it`s time to breed my absolute favorite: Gastrodon.